Research and Development Services

CDIP Thailand sees the important of efficient and qualified products needing to go through the stages of: invention, research, product testing in certified laboratories, and product development. In order to keep this vision, we provide these services with the following elements to make sure we produce satisfying results for our customers:


1. A team of highly experience researchers in creating products and finding formulas

2. Certified skills in sourcing ingredients from both local and international regions for scientific research

3. Choosing the right way to package the products, such as in capsules, soft gelatin capsules, powder drink, gel, canned beverages, make-up, herbal product, or traditional medicines.

4. Doing product differentiation for customers to see how their product compares with competitors and where it stands in the market


The process CDIP Thailand undertakes when researching and developing products

1. Research, develop and product testing in certified laboratories 

2. Actual product manufacturing in factories certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and are chosen by our qualified researchers. 

3. Product testing in different conditions to see its effects

          From all the stages mentioned it shows the current vision of CDIP Thailand in wanting to produce satisfying results for our customers and for them to be owners of supplementary foods and health products that is unique in the market.

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