Product Training

         Since CDIP Thailand is a leading research and development company in health products in Thailand, we place great importance on customers getting to understand the market and specifications of their products. To make this happen, we offer tailor-made product training courses for our customers with research studies and materials provided. The first stage our customers will get to train and consult is the pre-production stage where we will provide the “Product Description” of the product and highlight all the product elements that’s needed to be noted and understood. Other information that customers will get are:

- Scientific research studies on the product

- Product identity, quality and benefits briefing

- Market research on consumers and competitors

- Product advantages and unique selling point

With all of these product training services offered by CDIP Thailand, customers are guaranteed that they will get to understand their product much more in detail; understand the market they are aiming to sell their products; and know what ways to sell their product to gain the most benefits.

Company Profile

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